How to get the best out of your mall engagement events


Mall engagement allows businesses to engage with consumers just when they are considering making a purchase. Due to the high likelihood that clients would purchase the goods or services being provided, this creates an extremely profitable window of opportunity. More people mean more business opportunities. The first step to a successful mall engagement event is to conduct engaging activities. If you want to increase revenue and customer footfall, then you should focus on ideas that have a good marketing strategy and with focused value added to the customer.

Let's begin with a simple question

How will mall engagement benefit my brand?

Mall engagement involves many customers who are at the mall for shopping, spending time and for socialising/celebration. Consumers at the mall are open to know about new products and services as they have ample time at the mall to spend. Upgrading your brand’s marketing strategy at a mall event will definitely help you grow your brand.

Mall engagement events help you gain consumer data, increase loyalty and increase your social media presence too. Most importantly, it will help consumers know about your brand. Marketing at a live event also gives your consumer a chance to build trust in your brand.

Steps to conduct a successful mall engagement event

Pre-event day tasks

It is important that you prepare and plan your event beforehand, as it gives you ample time to analyse and eliminate errors that can occur on the event day.

i. Social media engagement: Use your social media platforms to create awareness about the event. Some techniques like count down, quiz, give away and also using a special hashtag will bring a buzz about your event in advance.

ii. Online registrations: Being familiar with the number of people you want, can help you plan appropriately for your event. You can use online platforms to showcase advertisements about the event and attach registration links for the same. Always target for double the number of participants that you’re expecting as the turn around rate is 50%. 

iii. Build a campaign: A campaign with a cause never fails. Adding value to your brand through a campaign, attracts mindful consumers. A well thought campaign also helps you to filter your audience.

Event day tasks

On the day of the event, the consumers have already seen your brand, your task is to only to interest them and provide them information about your products or services. Engaging them with various activities to experience your products or services will bring their attention towards your brand.

i. Voice marketing : In a mall, as there is a huge crowd, using a speaker to reach your target audience will boost mass people. Live or recorded commentary about your brand or products will give them recognition.

ii. Merchandise giveaway:  Use your brand logo to create merchandise like tote bags, diaries or other relevant products as giveaways for the event. It acts like a promoter and attracts walk – in registrations for your event.

Post event day tasks

After the event is over, the actual engagement with your consumer begins. Consumers love to be cared for and remembered, your encounters with your consumer will build their trust in your brand. After multiple registrations on the day of the event, you are left with data received from your consumers, use it wisely. 

i. Email Marketing: You can use email marketing to send targeted and personalised messages. This can assist you in developing meaningful relationships with your customers. It can also boost the effectiveness of your direct marketing campaigns. Email marketing can be used to reach large audiences as well as smaller, more targeted lists.

ii. Tele-calling: The primary advantage of using telemarketing to promote your business is that you can immediately gauge your customers’ level of interest in your product or service. It provides a more interactive and personalised sales experience.

iii. Revisit your consumers: Post the event, connect with your consumers once again, take feedback. Share product details, and offers for your products. Do not make this a sales call.

Do we really need mall engagement events?

Yes, we certainly do. With the digital platforms pacing up their digital marketing game, it is difficult to bring customers out of the cyber space to have a real experience of the products. To satisfy a public that is becoming more demanding, it is essential to recognise opportunities and seize them, Mall engagement events is one of them. Additionally, the appropriate strategy must be chosen and integrated into existing initiatives.

By generating better brand recognition and raising consumer knowledge of the brands, advertising within or outside of shopping malls connects businesses with customers. An excellent method to promote your brand and increase foot traffic to your businesses is to place your advertisement in prominent areas across the mall.