How to plan my kid’s birthday

Planning a party can be overwhelming especially for a busy parent. However, that doesn’t stop us from wanting to throw an amazing birthday party for our little loved ones.

First of all, we need to look at this party from the perspective of the child. What would my child enjoy the most? Who would he or she rather have on their special day? How can we make it fun for the other kids at the party?

Well, the answer is simple. An edutainment party strikes a perfect balance between fun, education and curiosity for the kids as well as the adults at the party.

Make up a cohesive budget including all the costs you want to cap it at.

Science themed birthday parties are all the rage right now. There are so many more variety of themes you can choose from with our birthday packages. So, select the theme based on your child’s interest

Choose a venue that is appropriate for the theme you have chosen.

We also help you in planning and executing the décor for the D-day.

We also create your child’s e-invite for their birthday.

Ending the big day with surprise gifts for the guests is essential. Now you can buy handcrafted science gadgets in bulk from Science Utsav to make the perfect return gifts for your guests.  

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Some of the various themes offered by MakerMasti are:

If your child is interested in Chemistry and working of different fluids with their properties, this is the theme for you.

This is for all the Harry Potter fans in the house. This theme starts with the host asking a bunch of riddles and puzzles and ends with the intriguing Plasma Ball.

Make the kids reengineer their gadgets and engage their sensory curiosity in the process.

Does your child aspire to be the next Robo Scientist then this one is the you.

After watching The Big Bang Theory all of us wanted to be like Sheldon, the physicist. Your kids will understand the properties of light surrounded by the darkness in the room.

We all love to play with slimes and what better than making one of your own.

MakerMasti is a a one stop solution when it comes to planning your kid’s birthday party. Reach out to us via our website or contact us directly to know more about the themes and services we offer to plan, organise and execute your event hassle-free.