Ten things you should do for your child’s fun birthday

Through the years, we have been conditioned to think that a Fun Birthday is having a house full of friends and family, celebrating. But not every child wants to have a Birthday Party, some would want to have a Birthday Picnic, or a Birthday Trek. Birthdays are for the child to enjoy and feel special. Hence, it’s important to know your child’s idea of a Happy Birthday. 

Sometimes both parents and children need a break from the same routine of throwing a party and want to do something different.

There are numerous unique ways to make the child feel special on her birthday. Continue reading to discover 10 unique ideas for celebrating your child’s next birthday and creating lasting memories.

If your child is curious and likes investigation, a planned hunt would be the right activity for their birthday. It helps the children bond as it is a team play. 
You can also make this a theme based hunt, depending on what your child loves. For example, Harry Potter Fan can search for the Philosopher’s stone, Famous Five Fan can hunt for the Emeralds.

Researchers explain that children at the age of 2 can understand what they like and dislike. If your child likes cooking, give them a birthday dedicated to a cookery workshop, where they can bake, cook and play with their friends.

Colours bring feelings of energy and a sense of fun for children. It is a means for them to be able to express. It helps them develop their creative abilities. At the end of the party, they will have their own art piece which they can cherish as a memoir.

While the young and energetic kids can enjoy exciting games and activities, adults and parents can also make the most of their time at Nature Trails. From sitting in a natural park to eating food while listening to birds chirp, the greenery will take them away from the city’s chaos and closer to nature. Celebrating a birthday in nature’s way will bring your children peace and true happiness.

Pets provide children with comfort and companionship. Children find support and security from their animal companion regardless of their mood, which often means they are less anxious or withdrawn. 
Above all, pets are fun to play with. Your child can hang around with their favourite pets on their Birthday. You can organise their birthday at a pet café.

If your child’s birthday is around the summer, you can arrange for water activities, where your child can enjoy an outdoor birthday with their friends and family in water rides and games. Playing in water allows children to explore and interact with their peers. 
A water play party will let your children have a unique birthday and fun!

Bring out the red carpet, make some popcorn, and host a movie night party for your budding moviegoers and their friends. Make your birthday party into a movie night by making a cloth fort, fill it with comfortable cushions, and turn on the lights.
Movie Night will bring your child closer to their friends and help them bond.

Harry Potter, Marvel, Frozen, Cinderella are some of the Cartoon characters loved by children. You can arrange a Birthday where your child and their friends can dress up as their favourite Characters and do a role play. 
Birthdays celebrated as their Hero or Heroines will be a memory to cherish for life for your child.

Children usually play outdoor games on a regular day, a Birthday celebration indoor will be much more fun as it gives space to interaction and enjoyment for kids. Planning a mini game tournament with prizes will encourage a team spirit within kids and bring them together.

If your child enjoys spending time outside, consider inviting their closest friends and family to a birthday camp out. Find a nearby park or campground and reserve a few campsites. Inform your guests about what they should bring.
Someone should bring marshmallows for s’mores around the fire. Spend the weekend with their friends playing cards, hiking in the woods, and hanging out off-grid. It’s difficult to beat a few hours with no cell phone signal and plenty of fresh air and nature to keep you entertained.

With the social media, the hype of celebrating a birthday in the most trendy way might seem like a pressure. Unplug your virtual life and connect with your near ones in person, as you celebrate your birthdays outdoor in a unique style. Hope you all have a happy birthday!