Kid's STEM Festival


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Attraction At The Fest

( 29th And 30th Jan )

Dry Ice Factory


Gooey Sticky Yucky Slime




Mess with Colors

STEM is a Mind-Set

Design Thinking and Problem Solving

STEM  promotes design thinking, creativity, research experimentation,  prototyping and project building which lead to new ideas and innovations.

Logical Reasoning and Critical Thinking

STEM education teaches students how to solve problems by using their critical thinking and logical reasoning skills

Experimentation and Research Apptitude

STEM enables children to think smartly by allowing them to solve day to day engineering problems

Upcoming Events

25 DEC

Mental Health Day 2021

15 JAN

Merry Christmas

20 JAN

Pink Day Celebration 2021

About Cambria School

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Started in 2010, The Cambridge International School now known as The Cambria International School in Kalyan is now an established and reputed Institution. The founder of the school is Pote Group who have been contributing and imparting knowledge in the field of education for the last 16 years.

Facilities At Campus



Laboratories for experimental Learning

Smart Class with AV Facility

About Event Organizer

ScienceUtsav started as an idea and a thought that “Practicality is Everything.” From the thought started a revolution to build a field of education which will help children think beyond what is taught, to explore beyond what is expected, and to think beyond the boundaries. Young minds take the shape of what they are taught, making them the most impressionable. ScienceUtsav aims to help these young minds think beyond the ordinary with the unique programs which help them grow and learn “by doing.” We aim to bring about a wave of inquisitiveness in children to help them become future leaders. Because “We learn better when we do things