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Tech Summer Camp – Seniors

10 weeks
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Have you ever thought about how entrepreneurs sees the real world? What is the major component in an entrepreneur’s life to build their start-up? We use the internet daily but we don’t know how it works behind a website. We don’t know how by sitting in India we get access to google which is present in other countries. Let’s clear our concepts about the world of the internet with some fun activities…

1. How the internet works – fun with submarine cables
2. Animations – Why we need animation on a website
3. Website – How a website works and exploring some developer tools
4. Media – What are media elements i.e. Audio, Video, Images. Adding these elements to your web page.


Why do we need to learn Coding? Why coding has come to the frontline in today’s market? We will learn a lot about the tricks involved in coding along with its importance in the contemporary world! Learn all about coding stuff with personalized and experienced instructors by sitting at your home !!!

1. Desktop hacks: How to do time taking tasks with much less effort? Learn about the amazing street smart desktop hacks with this simple activity!
2. Password generator: Stuck at generating STRONG passwords for your social media! Here are we with a simple activity that will generate passwords for you at a click!
3. WebPage Backend: Want to know the source code behind popular browsers like Google! This activity will actually let you hack your favorite website’s code!

Be ready for such amazing activities which will actually inherit critical thinking and problem-solving!!! Coding will teach the children the art of “HOW TO THINK”.

Part 3

MIT App Inventor is a free tool that can be used to create Android Apps. It works right inside your web browser and you can create Apps very quickly because it is a blocks-based programming tool that does not require knowing any programming language.

Your app appears on the phone step-by-step as you add pieces to it, so you can test your work as you build. When you’re done, you can package your app and produce a stand-alone application to install. If you don’t have an Android phone, you can build your apps using the Android emulator, software that runs on your computer and behaves just like the phone. The App Inventor development environment is supported for Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, and Windows operating systems, and several popular Android phone models. Applications created with App Inventor can be installed on any Android phone.

The interface is extremely simple and graphical and without knowing any programming- you can create an app in less than an hour! Sounds exciting? Go ahead and give it a try!

1) Computers – Learn how to talk to computers. What needed the computer to perform the task

2) Scratch and MIT App Inventor – Understand the difference between scratch, other coding software, and MIT App inventor

3) UI & UX and Block Coding – Learn to create amazing User Interfaces and make them code such that the app plays a song when the button is clicked and speaks when mobile is shaken

4) Desing making – Learn about the different visible and non-visible components in the app such as accelerometer sensor, text to speech(media), sound(media)

5) Talking tom App – Learn to create Amazing UI, UX games and complicate the app by changing the image to video, add sounds, and expressions of the cat

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