Get your child's birthday party off to a great start

kids taking picture with corps and cutouts

Get the perfect birthday greeting for your kids with Themed Birthday Party from MakerMasti

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Your child's birthday party will be a hit with our themed party

Featuring themed décor, 90 minutes of fun activities, and unique return gifts to make your child’s birthday awesome

90 Mins of Fun Activities for Kids

We do Fun and Dramatic activities using Dry Ice, Liquid Nitrogen, Perfume making and much more. Hands-on activities for Birthday kid and others.


Wide range of themes which creates awesome ambience

Our themes range from Robotics to Spy, Chemical Mania to Slime. Not only children, but also parents enjoy the fun and joyful atmosphere we create. Our Hosts are enthusiastic and activities are fantastic

Unique Return Gifts, Décor, Themed Cakes which will make your birthday complete

We have Customizable Unique return gifts which involves DIY toys, STEM Kits, Art toys and much more. To make your birthday party even more fun, we offer customizable themed décor and themed cakes

Birthday comes once a year.
We'll make it memorable!