The Great Indian Science Fest

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📅30th June, 2024
🕒9:00 am - 12:30 pm
📍 Party Hall, Prestige Ferns, Haralur Road, Bengaluru
Get ready for a blast of scientific excitement at 'The Great Indian Science Fest' in Bengaluru!

Perfect for kids aged 4 and up, this event promises a day filled with family fun and hands-on learning. Dive into interactive workshops and activities, where learning becomes an adventure. Don't miss out on this incredible experience! And guess what? You'll even receive a participation certificate to commemorate your scientific journey!

Join us at Party Hall, Prestige Ferns, Haralur Road, Bengaluru on 30th June 2024.



Unlock the magic of materials and light properties with our interactive activities! Embark on an enchanting learning journey exploring colors, art, and vision. Discover the wonders of how we see the world in vivid hues. Perfect for a vibrant and educational STEM adventure!


Unleash your inner engineer with our Force and Motion Kit! Build a siege catapult to explore mechanics, force, and motion through hands-on construction and exciting launch experiments. Master simple machines while having fun. Embark on an educational STEM journey today!


Unleash the power of physics with our Aqua Mystery Kit! Launch a Newton's Boat to explore motion, propulsion, and buoyancy firsthand. Engineer a vessel while mastering fundamental physics principles. Dive into an engaging and educational STEM adventure today!

Unlock the Magic of Science at The Great Indian Science Fest!

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Yes! The STEM Toy they are building at the workshop is a take away for them.