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We are an edutainment company focussing on Science themed events for kids 👧🏻🧒🏻
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Unique science themes - Maker Masti

We excel in delivering extraordinary engagement programs with unique science themes for corporate events, school programs, brand activations, and mall events.

As a dynamic event and experiential media company, we bring boundless energy and inspiration to create awe-inspiring events nationwide. Our expertise lies in seamlessly blending science with entertainment, resulting in innovative and one-of-a-kind experiences that captivate audiences. With a deep understanding of the possibilities, we redefine the boundaries of science-infused entertainment.

unique science themes for corporate events, school and malls

Edutainment shows for any stage events

Our teaching methods are engaging and interactive, ensuring a seamless transfer of scientific ideas. We develop customized curriculum-based programs that cater to the unique requirements of companies and schools, blending education and entertainment seamlessly throughout the event. Our offerings include captivating science shows, immersive science pavilions, experiential zones, interactive experiment tables, and a range of educational entertainment options.
science themed birthday party

Brand Activation​

Our approach to teaching science is captivating and interactive, ensuring an engaging transfer of scientific ideas. We specialize in designing curriculum-based programs that are tailored to the specific requirements of companies and schools, seamlessly integrating education and entertainment throughout the entire event. Our offerings include captivating science shows, immersive science pavilions, experiential zones, hands-on experiment tables, and a variety of other educational entertainment options.
brand activation to involve kids in Science

Science exhibitions / fests​

We work closely with businesses and schools to host science festivals and events. We develop distinctive and tailored concepts and make plans for fruitful science exhibitions. With themes like Messy Science, Chamber of Secrets, Gadget Zones, etc., we host science exhibitions and festivals.

science exhibitions for kids

Mall engagement events​

Establishing strong and enduring consumer relationships is crucial for building a lasting brand image. Mall activations or promotions provide a valuable platform for consumers to develop a deep connection with the product and company. At our company, we specialize in conducting distinctive brand activation workshops in malls, aimed at driving footfall and enhancing brand outreach effectively. By leveraging this medium, we create engaging experiences that foster brand affinity and leave a lasting impression on consumers.

Mall Activation

Kids at work

Promoting relaxation and fun among employees is essential. We specialize in organizing events that blend work and family in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere. Our Family Days are the perfect solution for engaging and motivating your employees. With our incredible offers, corporate events with families and kids become truly unforgettable. These events aim to foster strong bonds among employees and their families while encouraging positive working relationships among colleagues.


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