Funny Photons – Birthday Theme

travel with light

The “Funny Photons” is the best theme for birthday party events for kids. It is a delightfully entertaining and educational experience for kids, centered around the enchanting world of light and its playful properties. Funny Photons theme brings together a range of activities that showcase the fascinating aspects of photons and their interactions.

To add to the fun, there’s glow-in-the-dark painting, where children unleash their artistic side using special fluorescent paints. Under ultraviolet lights, their creations come to life with vibrant and glowing colors, bringing an extra element of excitement and creativity to the party.

Throughout the event, knowledgeable instructors engage the kids with fascinating facts about photons and light, explaining the science behind the activities in a fun and interactive way. They encourage exploration, curiosity, and hands-on participation, ensuring that the kids have a memorable and educational experience.

The Funny Photons birthday party event is perfect for parents who want to combine entertainment and learning in a unique and engaging way. It provides a delightful opportunity for kids to discover the wonders of light while enjoying laughter, creativity, and the joy of discovery.


Activities Conducted


Discover the fascinating phenomenon of chemiluminescence and unravel the secrets behind how a glow band emits vibrant colors and glows in the dark. Witness the mesmerizing transformation as the band illuminates, creating a captivating and luminescent glow that adds a touch of magic to any occasion.

color shadow

Immerse yourself in a captivating exploration of color shadows and delve into the fascinating world of light and mathematics. Observe as multicolored shadows come to life, revealing the intricate interplay between light, objects, and perception.

fun with colours

Embark on an exciting journey of fun with colors as you explore the mysteries of light through unique experiments using a Ghostscope. Construct your very own Ghostscope and peer through its mesmerizing lenses to uncover the hidden spectrums within light.

optics and Illusions

Embark on a captivating exploration of optics and illusions as you delve into the fascinating world of the human eye. Discover how our eyes perceive and interpret light, leading to intriguing optical illusions. Engage in interactive experiments that c

glow in dark painting

Unleash your creativity and embark on a magical journey of glow-in-the-dark painting. Step into a darkened space, armed with fluorescent paints and brushes, and watch as your artwork comes to life under ultraviolet light. Delight in the mesmerizing glow and vibrant colors that illuminate your canvas, creating a stunning visual spectacle.

fun with fluorescence

Embark on an exhilarating adventure of fun with fluorescence as you immerse yourself in a glow-in-the-dark experience like no other. Witness the magical transformation as ordinary objects and surfaces come alive with vibrant, glowing colors under UV light.


Embark on a spectacular journey into the world of phosphorescence and dive into captivating experiments. Participants will delve into the fascinating realm of X-rays, discovering how these powerful rays are used to capture images of fractured bones. Witness the magic of phosphorescent materials as they emit light after being exposed to X-rays, unveiling the hidden mysteries of radiography.


Unleash the wonder of holography as you embark on an exciting journey to create a simple hologram projection. Using everyday materials like a transparent sheet and a smartphone, unlock the magic of three-dimensional imaging. Follow step-by-step instructions to construct a hologram projector and be amazed as holographic images come to life before your eyes.

Why choose this theme ?

These days, everyone wants something special for their birthday party. As a result of everyone’s high expectations, we occasionally find ourselves overwhelmed during the planning stages, particularly when choosing a theme and decorations. The best course of action in this case is to locate a specialist with at least a year of relevant expertise. Having an expert is an advantage because they will be aware of the pain points that ordinary people have in the areas of decoration, gift-giving, entertainment, and other work domains.

Surprise factors enhance the excitement and keep children interested and engaged. Working in groups or pairs is common in science experiments and activities, emphasizing collaboration and teamwork. These are some of the best party themes you can choose for your kid.

Here’s where we come into play, creating a memorable birthday with our vast selection of themes, fun activities, and an amazing décor for your child’s science themed birthday party. Along with birthday party planning we also have return gift ideas that will make it a memorable event for your child’s friends! Hope to have you on board for a birthday party!

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Why show scientific magic to children?

  1. To make them believe that magic is science.
  2. Magic is always popular among children.
  3. Children love to exhibit magic tricks.
  4. Guests expect the unexpected!

Will you only be providing science activities, or are there also games included in your offerings?

Only Science Activities

Do you have decorations as well?

Yes! We do decorations according to the theme

Any return gifts included in this theme?

Yes, depending on the theme one takeaway is included. We do have Return Gifts option.