Magic of Potions - Birthday Theme

fun with fluids

Magic of Potion birthday theme is a popular theme and is a best seller amongst our offers.  Magic of Potion includes activities with liquids and explains the science within them.

What is the magic of potion?

A chemistry-based theme with interesting and enjoyable activities for youngsters is magic potions. The theme makes use of a number of components, including liquid nitrogen, dry ice, and colour-changing liquid. We can engage children and present science experiments in a magical way they haven’t seen before thanks to the magic potion.

A toddler finds it fascinating when he observes a potion changing colour. He is curious as to how it occurred and how he can replicate it. This enables us to capitalise on their interest and hold their attention in a way that will stick with them. After all, a birthday celebration ought to be enjoyable


Activities Conducted

Smelly Potion

Fun chemical reactions to create awful smells.

Perfume Making

Create your own perfume with the fragrance you like.

Snake Bubble

Bubbles on the head in a snaky wavy patterns.

Bubble Art

Make a beautiful art on the paper from bubbles.

Lava Lamp

Create your own magical lava lamp.

Self Inflating Puppet

Make your balloon inflate automatically on its own with help of your magical potions.

Why choose this theme ?

These days, everyone wants something special for their birthday party. As a result of everyone’s high expectations, we occasionally find ourselves overwhelmed during the planning stages, particularly when choosing a theme and decorations. The best course of action in this case is to locate a specialist with at least a year of relevant expertise.

Having an expert is an advantage because they will be aware of the pain points that ordinary people have in the areas of decoration, gift-giving, entertainment, and other work domains. Here’s where we come into play, creating a memorable birthday with our vast selection of themes, fun activities, and an amazing décor for your child’s science themed birthday party. A creative themed birthday party may catch kids' attention and offer an exciting and memorable event for everyone involved by combining interactive experiments, challenges, and creative aspects.

Along with birthday party planning we also have return gift ideas that will make it a memorable event for your child’s friends! Hope to have you on board for a birthday party!

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Why Choose Us?


  1. To make them believe that magic is science.
  2. Magic is always popular among children.
  3. Children love to exhibit magic tricks.
  4. Guests expect the unexpected!

Yes! We do decorations according to the theme

Yes, depending on the theme one takeaway is included. We do have Return Gifts option.