Crazy Slimy Fun Themed Birthday Party

Crazy Slimy Fun

The Slime Science theme birthday activities promise to be a colourful and immersive experience, allowing children to engage their senses while learning in a playful environment. This interactive and educational celebration will leave a lasting impression on your child and their friends, sparking their curiosity and fostering a love for scientific exploration.

During the slime-making activity, kids will be introduced to the principles of chemistry and discover the secrets behind the slime’s gooey texture and fascinating properties. They will witness the transformation of ingredients as they combine and react to form a mesmerizing slime substance. Our knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructors will guide the children through the entire process, ensuring a fun and educational experience for everyone.

Get ready to dive into the world of slime and create unforgettable memories at your child’s birthday party with our exciting Slime Science theme activities. Let their creativity flow and watch as they marvel at the wonders of science!


Activities Conducted

Ghost Eggs

Play with small ghost eggs that are simple and fun to make.


Learn how we can create a slime using special elements.


Play with a liquid that can turn both hard and soft in seconds.

Bouncy Ball

Learn the art of preparing a wobbling ball and enjoy playing with your self-made ball.

Mess with colors

Create your own artworks using thread.

Tie and Dye

Mix the colors and create beautiful pattern on the fabric.

Why choose messy science theme ?

Parents should choose a Slime Science-themed birthday party for their children because it offers a unique and engaging experience that combines creativity, sensory play, and scientific learning. This theme allows children to immerse themselves in the world of science through the exciting process of slime-making. The hands-on activity introduces them to basic principles of chemistry while they witness the transformation of ingredients and explore the properties of the slime they create. With knowledgeable instructors guiding them, children will not only have a blast but also develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for scientific concepts. This theme sparks curiosity, encourages experimentation, and leaves a lasting impression on young minds, igniting a love for scientific exploration and discovery.

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Why Choose Us?


  1. To make them believe that magic is science.
  2. Magic is always popular among children.
  3. Children love to exhibit magic tricks.
  4. Guests expect the unexpected!

Yes! We do decorations according to the theme

Yes, depending on the theme one takeaway is included. We do have Return Gifts option.