Science of Wizards - Birthday Theme

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Science of Wizards birthday theme is a Harry Potter-themed party for Potter Heads to enjoy their time unravelling the mysteries with science. In the beginning, the Wizards get together to resolve the hunt for the Philosopher’s Stone. The Wizard then engages the kids with fun facts, riddles and puzzles that lead them to captivating science experiments.

A few of the experiments that the kids will experience include the genie in the bottle, magic wand, secret message, & plasma ball. 

A science themed birthday party for children may be both entertaining and informative!

To create an authentic experience for our little Potter Heads, our Wizards are dressed in black robes and black hats. Since the kids have seen this costume in several cartoons and movies, including Harry Potter and The Wizard of Oz, they have a strong emotional connection to it.


Activities Conducted

Magic Bank

Kids learn to use a magic bank to demonstrate how tricky the reflection of light can be.

Ghost Copter

Build a wizard craft and have fun playing with it. The higher you throw, more it will spin.

Magic Spray

Use a magic spray to reveal the secrets of wizardry and learn to do the magic of science.

Wizardy Ink

Create secret messages and birthday wishes that will only be visible with wizardry ink.


Unleash your creativity and play with colors to make your wizard beautiful.

LED Wizard

Build your own wizard friend to help you learn sorcery.

Why choose this theme ?

This is a Magical birthday party planner for kids. Parents should choose the "Science of Wizards" Harry Potter-themed party for their children who are Potter Heads because it offers a magical and immersive experience that combines the enchanting world of Harry Potter with the wonders of science. This theme allows children to unravel mysteries and engage in captivating science experiments while embarking on a hunt for the Philosopher's Stone.

The party features knowledgeable "Wizards" who guide the kids through fun facts, riddles, and puzzles, keeping them engaged and entertained throughout. The science experiments, such as the genie in the bottle and magic wand, add an element of excitement and wonder. The authentic costumes of the Wizards further enhance the experience, tapping into the emotional connection children have with the iconic black robes and hats.

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Why Choose Us?


  1. To make them believe that magic is science.
  2. Magic is always popular among children.
  3. Children love to exhibit magic tricks.
  4. Guests expect the unexpected!

Science Activities or other activities based on theme is inclued in the package

Yes! We do decorations according to the theme

Yes, depending on the theme one takeaway is included. We do have Return Gifts option.