Be a Detective ~ Spy 007 Party Themes

be a detective
~ spy 007

Unleash the inner detective in your child with “Be A Detective – Spy 007,” MakerMasti’s premium birthday party theme.

🕵️‍♂️ In this immersive experience, children will embark on an exciting journey of discovery. They’ll dive into the intriguing world of fingerprints, exploring various types and even learning how to extract them. With passports as their guide, they’ll crack ciphers and uncover hidden messages, challenging their problem-solving skills.

The mind memory game will sharpen their cognitive abilities, while crafting their very own periscope and secret candy box will add a touch of DIY adventure. It’s a party that combines education and excitement, ensuring your child’s special day is filled with unforgettable fun and learning. Get ready to host the ultimate espionage extravaganza with MakerMasti! 


Activities Conducted

dusting a fingerprint

When a crime scene is investigated the investigators are able to locate the fingerprints and are able to store it for future reference. Participants use a special fingerprint powder to dust the fingerprint onto a tape. This is exciting for kids as they get to use the fingerprint kit and compare the fingerprints!

hush-hush codes

An immersive event that takes participants on an exciting journey into the world of espionage. Engaging in a series of cryptic puzzles and challenges, participants will test their problem-solving skills and teamwork as they unravel codes and uncover hidden messages.

know your fingerprint

Time to get handy dirty!! Participants understand that there are many types of fingerprints and are able to identify their own fingerprint type with the help of an inkpad and a magnifying glass. (These are a part of the spy kit) Using the magnifying glass the participants are also able to differentiate between the various types of fingerprints.

magic writing

Armed with a set of special chemicals, they embark on a thrilling quest to create invisible messages. By using one chemical to write their message and another to reveal it, participants unlock hidden secrets.

homemade secret messages

An exciting event where participants explore the art of secret messaging using a household staple: lime juice. Participants delve into the world of invisible ink as they learn how to write hidden messages with the juice. Through creative and interactive activities, they discover the science behind the process and uncover the mysteries within their own messages.

Why Choose Spy 007 Theme

Confidence Building

Confidence Building

Role Playing

Role Playing

Inclusive & Diverse

Inclusive & Diverse

Fun & Action Packed

Fun & Action Packed

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  1. To make them believe that magic is science.
  2. Magic is always popular among children.
  3. Children love to exhibit magic tricks.
  4. Guests expect the unexpected!

Yes! We do decorations according to the theme

Yes, depending on the theme one takeaway is included. We do have Return Gifts option.