Magic potions – fun with fluids

When we decide to have a themed birthday party it’s difficult to choose a particular theme. There are multiple options with some great science experiments in each of them. In our case, the Magic potion is a theme that is widely popular in our offerings and is a best seller.

What is the Magic potion theme?

Magic potion is a chemistry-based theme which is having engaging and fun activities for kids. Various elements like Colour-changing liquid, Dry ice, and Liquid nitrogen are used in the theme. Magic potion allows us to engage kids and demonstrate science experiments in a magical way they haven’t experienced.

When a child sees a potion changing its color, it’s fascinating for him. He wonders how it happened and how he can do it too. This allows us to use their curiosity to engage them in a way that will be memorable for them. After all, a birthday party should be memorable.

Elements used in Magic potion theme

  • Dry Ice
  • Colour changing chemicals
  • Bubble tower
  • Bubble maker
  • Gooeey Ooblek


  • Bubble tower

An activity that is done by using a cylindrical flask, dry ice, and reactive chemicals. A flask is filled with chemicals, and a small block of dry ice is put into the flask. What one sees after that is fascinating. A bubble volcano erupts out of the flask which is unexpected and amazing to see.

  • Bubble caterpillar

A string of bubbles filled with dry ice vapors is made using a bubble maker. This caterpillar is created on kids’ arms. It’s a fascinating experience for them. A small touch and it turns into vapor again!

  • Perfume making

Hands-on activities are always fun. In this activity, children will be making perfumes using rose petals. Materials will be provided by us for this activity. Children will create a scent by crushing rose petals which will then be poured into the perfume bottle. This is a takeaway for the kids.

  • Decoloring potion

Technically it’s an acid base indicator reaction! But the story or excitement created around this is about a magical potion that only we have that changes water to grape juice!

  • Diaper chemsitry

A special polymer is a secret ingredient in a very famous magic trick where water is made to disappear! We explain the science behind this trick and encourage kids to dissect the magic they see around and they will stumble upon science in one way or the other!


Childhood fascination: Children grow up watching cartoons where they see the use of chemicals in a dramatic way. Be it a villain or hero, kids always see the use of chemicals which creates curiosity about it.

With chemistry-based events children get a way to express their fascination and become a scientist for a while.

It’s fun and learning in a single capsule!

Dress code

White coat, Chemistry flask, Chemistry glasses, and a lot of fun. This is what you all need for a perfect Magic potion birthday party. For Magic potion, all are dressed in a White coat with chemistry glasses which give a look and feel of a laboratory. But in our laboratory, we create a formula for happiness.

Magic cum Science

Children have various interests, likes, and dislikes. Some are interested in Art, some are in science the best part of Magic potion is, that it also entertains those who are not hardcore fans of science, especially chemistry. The activities also involve magic elements with science.

Why find a magician for your birthday party when your kids can do magic with a Magic potion?


All the activities are hands-on and can be done with minimum guidance. Hands-on activities create another level of engagement among children. Kids love to do hands-on activities, maybe DIY, Art, or something like Perfume making. We all like things which are made by us. This also enhances their creativity and increases their curiosity.


Activities are not only fun but are also colorful which makes them more attractive for children. Kids enjoy an activity where we give them a colorless liquid and by adding another liquid to it, it changes the color. To make it fun and interesting we give them the challenge to create a color for their t-shirt or whatever they are wearing.

It gives a personal touch to the participant as well as they enjoy the magic or science whichever they perceive it.

Science performers

Our science performers are the heart of the event. They are the ones who create a vibe for the show. Our science performer manages, guides, and entertains the show throughout the event. They are skilled in what they do. Be it showing science experiments, making slime, or making everyone laugh. They are the star performers of the event.

To sum up

Nowadays everyone wants something unique at their birthday party, and nowadays with high expectations we sometimes get overwhelmed with party planning and especially with decoration and theme selection. Here the best solution is to find someone who is an expert in it and has a year of experience in doing it.