Magic potions – fun with fluids

birthday kid performing hands on activity in the birthday party

It can be challenging to pick a certain theme when we decide to host a themed birthday party. There are several choices, and each one includes some excellent science activities. In our case, the Magic Potion theme is a popular theme and is a best seller amongst our offers. 

Magic of Potion includes activities with liquids, and explains the science within it.

What is magic of potion ?

A chemistry-based theme with interesting and enjoyable activities for youngsters is magic potions. The theme makes use of a number of components, including liquid nitrogen, dry ice, and colour-changing liquid. We can engage children and present science experiments in a magical way they haven’t seen before thanks to the magic potion.

A toddler finds it fascinating when he observes a potion changing colour. He is curious as to how it occurred and how he can replicate it. This enables us to capitalise on their interest and hold their attention in a way that will stick with them. After all, a birthday celebration ought to be enjoyable.

Themed Birthday party setup

Elements used in magic potion theme

  • Dry Ice
  • Colour changing chemicals
  • Bubble tower
  • Bubble maker
  • Oobleck gooeyD
  • Perfumery


Using a cylindrical flask, dry ice, and reactive chemicals, one can create a bubble tower. A little dry ice block is placed into a flask that has been loaded with chemicals. After that, what one sees is fascinating. Unexpectedly and amazingly, the flask bursts open to reveal a bubble volcano.


A bubble maker is used to create a line of bubbles that are filled with the vapours from dry ice. The process of creating this caterpillar on children’s arms is intriguing to them. It only takes a light touch to convert back into vapour!


Hands-on activities are usually enjoyed by children. Children will use rose petals to create scents in this exercise. We will provide the supplies for this activity. Rose petals will be crushed by kids and the resulting fragrance will be placed into a perfume bottle. This is a kid-friendly takeout.

It’s an acid base indicator reaction technically! The myth or excitement surrounding this, however, centers on a mystical concoction that only humans possess and which transforms water into grape juice.

science performer showing colorful potion acitivty

The secret element in a well-known magic trick that makes water vanish is a unique polymer! We explain the physics underlying this trick and exhort children to analyse any magic they come across—they’ll inevitably run into science along the way!

science performer on stage in birthday party event

Science behind magic of potions

Children watch cartoons where the usage of chemicals is depicted dramatically. Kids constantly see the colourful chemicals, whether they are used by these heroes or villains, this sparks their curiosity. Children get the opportunity to demonstrate their fascination and temporarily assume the role of a scientist through chemistry-based events. This also breaks the confusion about explosions that are hyped on television. This way fun and education are combined in one capsule!

Kid having fun with liquid nitrogen acttivity

Everyone  is dressed in a white coat with chemistry glasses which give a look and feel of a laboratory. But in our laboratory, we create a formula for happiness. This is all you will need for a perfect magic potion birthday party.

Kids in lab coat having fun in science themed birthday party

All of the activities are practical and require little supervision. Children become more engaged when they participate in hands-on activities. Kids adore doing hands-on activities, whether they are crafts, DIY projects, or things like manufacturing perfume. We all enjoy the things that we create. Additionally, it promotes their interest and creativity.

Host performing activity infront of kids

Children find activities more appealing since they are colourful and enjoyable. Children like an activity where they are given a colourless liquid that changes colour when another liquid is added. We set them the task of coming up with a colour for their t-shirt or whatever they are wearing in order to make it entertaining and intriguing. The participants enjoy the magic of science, depending on how they interpret it. It also adds a personal touch to their experience.

To sum up

These days, everyone wants something special for their birthday party. As a result of everyone’s high expectations, we occasionally find ourselves overwhelmed during the planning stages, particularly when choosing a theme and decorations. The best course of action in this case is to locate a specialist with at least a year of relevant expertise. Having an expert is an advantage because they will be aware of the pain points that ordinary people have in the areas of decoration, gift-giving, entertainment, and other work domains.

Here’s where we come into play, creating a memorable birthday with our vast selection of themes, fun activities, and an amazing décor for your child’s science themed birthday party. Along with birthday party planning we also have return gift ideas that will make it a memorable event for your child’s friends! Hope to have you on board for a birthday party!