Popular birthday themes

The Alchemist - Chemical mania

Oldest birthday party theme of MakerMasti is still one of the best! The participants play with safe chemicals. It’s a great experience for the young scientists to mix chemicals and form something new!

Chemical chameleon, snaky venom, elephant tooth paste, are the amazing experiments for the demonstration. And slime making, erasing ink, flip flop  are the hands on experiments to make everyone fall in love with science.

child with green slime

Story of this theme starts with a quest to find the philosopher’s stone. Host asks riddles and puzzles which lead to new experiments which are intriguing and exciting!! All the participants get a harry potter cloak to be worn during the party. With that, a LED lit magic wand to make them all the participants of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

Amazing chemistry experiments and activities to learn about different fluids around and their properties. Participants will play with magical potions which change colours, make water disappear, change state etc. A special birthday party where the kids learn something while having a lot of fun.

child having fun with liquid nitrogen

North Pole experience - Chill with liquid nitrogen

Amazing cold party to treat kids with the pop corns at -196 degree celsius.  Many gigantic balloons will be seen disappearing in one tiny bowl of liquid nitrogen. When they are removed one at a time and blown with air they will come back to their actual shape and size. You will see few astonishing things like fresh roses turning into Ash with a touch. This theme will leave the audience of all ages stunned and not moving from their place for about 90 min.

Funny Photons - Travel with light

Dark room party where science of light is experienced with fun experiments. changing colors, glowing paints, ultra violet light makes party eye pleasing and spectacular.

Chemiluminescence and phosphorescence, magic colour shadows , fake X ray, and many other experiments perplexes everyone to know what light is made up of !!

Children build forensic pen as a take away gift with all these fun experience.

funny photos
children doing detective job with costume

Spy 007 - Be a detective​

Forensic science is a fun birthday party theme where the participants become forensic experts and understand about the power of being a spy. Participants are divided into groups and they are engaged in exciting activities to make them feel like forensic scientists.
Spy kits are provided during this theme party which have a magnifying glass, fingerprint powder, pair of gloves, fingerprint task sheet, special finger print tape, etc to make the party a memorable hands-on experience.

Kiddo engineer – Build your own gadget

Why to buy a return gift when children can build their own science toy. Make children reinvent their gadget as a take away gift with help of different components provided. Participants tinker with STEAM concept, use tools, build Skills, learn the concept to  design the science toy of their own.

Design an electronic candle, build secrete candy box, design 360 degree fan, build a trebuchet, be a cartographer, are the few STEM kits to make  party a true engineering party.

instructor guiding children with building own gadget
stem lab

Technophilia - Be a roboscientist

Is your child a techno geek. Make him fall in love with futuristic technology with help of robots. Lets promote 21st century skills among the young generation and that experience be a return gift on your child’s birthday !!  

Participants code and make robots move, turn, light up and dance. Its really an amazing experience for children to get direct access to the robots. 

Choose the perfect plan​

90 minutes (10-25 kids)

One of the most popular offerings of MakerMasti best suited for home parties for a closed circle. Science themed birthday party is a dramatized science workshop with series of experiments, fun games and amazing stories to wow your children and their friends on their birthday.

2 to 3 hours (25-60 kids)

Fantasized science pavilions to excite and mesmerize children with wonders of science. Set of scientific hands on experiment tables to excite the kids in such way that would make them fall in love with science.  Participants move from one pavilion to another pavilion to experience the activities.

3 to 5 hours (60-100 kids)

On your child’s birthday, gift your child an experience of a lifetime. Science Festival creates amusement along with exclusive theme based decorations at your chosen place. Here, participants enjoy mind boggling science show, DIY workshops, hands on experiments,  cool scientific facts  and science based fun games to blow your minds away.

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  • 2. Receive science kits at your doorstep

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  • 3. Book the host

    Best team of host and helper will be chosen to make the party interesting and fun filled.

  • 4. Hands-on learning experience at home

    The kids will party like never before they will get a lifelong experience of fun and education together.