Planning a colour theme party for children

planning a colour theme party

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For instance, if the colour scheme is “red and black,” partygoers would dress in mostly red and black hues, as would the decorations used to decorate the venue, such as balloons, tablecloths, and streamers. Incorporating foods and beverages with the colours red and black can help the food and drinks blend in with the overall colour scheme.

Planning a colour theme party may be a creative and entertaining way to add a distinct and eye-catching element to an event. Guests can participate in the theme by dressing in the allocated colours and having a good time in general.

Planning a colour theme party for kids 

Organising a children’s party with a colour theme may be a fun and inventive way to add aesthetic appeal and engagement to the occasion. Here is a step-by-step strategy to assist you in organising a terrific kids’ party with a colour theme:

Select a colour theme

 Select a colour theme by deciding on the party’s main colour or colour scheme. Rainbows, pink and gold, blue and green, superheroes (with distinct colours for different characters), princesses (pastel colours), and more are popular colour themes for children. You can plan fun party themes based on the child’s interests. 

Make invites

While planning a colour theme party for kids make sure to create invites that adhere to the selected colour scheme. Set the mood for the party by including the colours and pictures associated with the theme.


planning a colour theme party
  • While planning a colour theme party for kids use the selected colour scheme to decorate the party location. Use tablecloths, balloons, streamers, and other decorations in the designated hues. Think about including themed decorations like character cutouts or color-themed symbols that will add to the fun party theme of the event. 
  • Create balloon bouquets, arches, or walls with balloons in the selected colours. Due to their adaptability, balloons can readily bring a splash of colour to any setting. To include the theme colours, hang colourful banners and streamers all around the party space. You can hang them from the walls, the ceiling, or span entrances with them.
  • Tablecloths, napkins, and plates should all be coordinated with the colour scheme. For a unified appearance, match the table decorations to the colour palette used throughout. Use flowers, candles, or other decorations in the selected colours to create centrepieces. Put them in vases or other containers that go with the overall motif. 
  • Display the theme colours in cutouts, posters, and artwork by hanging them. A DIY photo booth with a vibrant backdrop and accessories is another option. Adorned chairs with chair sashes or covers in the theme’s colours might be used to decorate the chairs. The venue can incorporate the colours in this subtle but powerful way.
  • For an additional splash of colour, strew colourful confetti or table sprinkles on the tables. Pick forms and patterns that go with the party’s theme. To create a magical atmosphere, hang paper lanterns from the ceiling in the colours of the theme. Throughout the event, they may supply soothing, vibrant illumination. 
  • Make or buy garlands in the theme’s colours to hang from doorframes or across walls. Garlands made of paper or fabric work well for this, add an unexpected flash of colour, use stickers or decals with colour-themed themes on the floor. Think about shapes or patterns that fit the selected subject.
  • As table centrepieces use vibrant flowers, candles, or sculptures with a theme. Arrange them so that the selected colours are prominently seen. If the party will be held outside, you could want to carry the theme thereby utilising colourful picnic blankets, outdoor lights, bunting, or tablecloths. In order to provide your visitors with a unified and eye-catching setting, keep in mind to apply the selected colour theme to as many aspects of the party as you can.

Party Supplies

Party supplies are an important component while planning a colour theme party for kids. Ensure that the colour scheme is adhered to across all party supplies, such as plates, glasses, napkins, and cutlery. Online or in party supply shops, you can find a range of themed party supplies.

Encourage the children to dress in costumes and attire that adheres to the colour theme. To increase the fun, you can also offer decorations or props that go with the theme.

Plan a menu that includes dishes and beverages in the theme’s colour scheme. To make colourful snacks, cupcakes, drinks, and other goodies, use food colouring or natural ingredients. Use various fruits and vegetables, for instance, to achieve the necessary colours.

Establish a schedule for games and activities

planning a colour theme party
  • Organise games and activities that make use of the selected colours while planning a colour theme party for kids. An illustration might be a “colour scavenger hunt” where children look for particular items in the designated colour. A craft station or colouring page activity using supplies in the theme colours is another option. A colour-themed birthday party can bring an extra level of excitement and engagement for the kids by including games and activities with a colour theme.
  • The children must discover items or objects around the party location that fit a list of different colours. Give out a tiny prize for discovering each colour. Then, divide the children into teams, giving each group a distinctive colour. 
  • Children must race to coloured objects that have been placed at a distance, pick them up, and return them to their team. The winning team is the one with the most things in the designated colour. 
  • Set up a game of “ring toss” using several coloured rings. Give points for each colour, then have the children try tossing the rings. The children strive to throw the rings onto the corresponding colours to score points by assigning points to each colour.
  • Balloons can be filled with colourful confetti or little gifts. Each child has a turn popping a balloon, and whatever is inside is theirs to keep. For the balloons and confetti, use the theme’s colour scheme.
  • Employ a face painter, or set aside a space where children can get their faces painted in hues or patterns that correspond to the colour theme. Make a rainbow poster, blindfold the children, and ask them to try to put the rainbow’s tail on it. The youngster who gets it closest to the target area wins.
  • Prepare a deck of cards or other items with a variety of colours. The children must match the items’ colours to their appropriate objects. This can be an entertaining and instructive activity. Paint or coloured water can be used to fill balloons. The children hang them up and alternately throw pins or darts at the balloons to make colourful splatters.
  • Chairs should be arranged in a circle, with each chair representing a distinct colour. Kids should move about while music is playing. They must locate a chair in the designated colour before the music finishes. After every round, a chair is taken away until there is just one player left. For the kids to blow bubbles, provide bubble wands and several coloured bubble solutions. They can experiment with producing enormous, vibrant bubbles using various solutions.
  • Large cardboard boxes with holes in them are painted in the theme’s colours. To obtain points, instruct the children to hurl bean bags through the slots that correspond to the various colours.
  • Set up a painting station with a variety of paints and brushes in various colours. The children can use the theme colours to paint pictures or designs to showcase their ingenuity. To meet the age range of the children attending the party and the precise colour scheme you’ve chosen, make sure to modify these games and activities. Have a blast adding colour to the party activities and ensuring that everyone will remember the occasion.

Cake and dessert

While planning a colour theme party for kids create or have a cake made that matches the colour scheme. The gathering can be made memorable with a colourful cake with embellishments in keeping with the theme. Think of making cookies, cupcakes, or other sweets with frosting in the theme colours.

Party favours

Offer mementoes in keeping with the colour scheme. Toys, snacks, or trinkets in the designated colours should be placed in goodie bags.


While planning a colour theme party for kids make sure to incorporate kid’s favourite colours and themes. Music and entertainment options include making a playlist of songs with a colour theme or hiring a children’s performer who can include the colours in their show. To provide the kids and their parents enduring memories of the vibrant party, don’t forget to record the enjoyable moments with photos and movies.

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