Top 10 best birthday party games for kids

Birthday party games

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Children are kept interested and entertained with games and activities. They keep kids from becoming bored and make sure they enjoy themselves the entire time at the party.

Playing games and activities encourages kids to socialise with one another. They help kids develop their communication and teamwork abilities as they cooperate or engage in friendly competition. Birthday party games help the kids to learn new things and help to develop skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and strategy.

These games sharpen the kids’ minds and make them enjoy every little bit of the moment. A child’s confidence and sense of self-worth can be increased by winning a game or finishing a chore effectively. This satisfying encounter may leave a long-lasting impression.

A lot of party games, birthday props and crafts, as well as role-playing, promote self-expression and creativity. Kids can also explore their hobbies through these activities. It’s simpler to include every partygoer when games and activities are made to work with a variety of ages and skill levels.

A game and activity schedule gives the party direction and keeps everything organised. It avoids turmoil and unavailability. Games and activities can be created to fit the theme of the party, such as superhero, science-related, princess, or pirate, to improve the whole experience.

Games and activities help the birthday child and the guests make enduring memories. Having a good time during a party is more likely to stick in the memories of kids than simply sitting and having cake.

Birthday party games provide a much-needed break for parents throwing the party from having to keep their kids occupied. It enables parents to unwind and take part in the celebration as well. Birthday party games frequently result in plenty of laughter, everyone can have a better time at the party with games and kids running around. 

A birthday party that includes a range of age-appropriate games and activities can provide the kids with a well-rounded and joyful experience and guarantee that the celebration is an entertaining occasion that they won’t soon forget.

Top 10 best birthday party games

These are ten well-liked and fun games for kids’ birthday parties:

Musical Chairs

Musical chairs are the most common and fun birthday party games for kids that are played at every party. All you need to do is set out chairs in a circle, one chair less than the total number of kids. As the kids move around the seats, play some music. They have to hurry to find a chair when the music stops. After every round, one chair is removed until a winner is determined.


birthday party games

Kids love pinata, it gets them excited and energetic throughout the game. You must buy or create a piñata that fits your party theme and stuff it full of candy before party day.

The piñata should be hung at approximately head height. Arrange for guests to form a queue a few yards apart. Before attempting to strike the piñata with a wooden stick, participants would traditionally be blindfolded and gently spun around three times. However, these days, players just take turns striking the piñata (without a blindfold) until it cracks open.

Balloon Pop

birthday party games

Balloon Pop is a unique and fun birthday party games that can be enjoyed by older kids who are capable enough to do the activity mentioned inside the balloon. Add some puzzles, or little activities written on a piece of paper and insert them inside balloons, and then blow up the balloons. The kids take turns popping balloons and finishing the activity or puzzle. The one who finishes up in less time is going to be the winner.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt is a game that will never get old and is a fun way to keep the kids occupied in the party. Make a map of hidden treasures and clues, then scatter tiny gifts or candies about the celebration area. Give kids a map and some hints, then let them go on a treasure hunt. You can either set up groups and the one who finishes first will be the winner. 

Duck, Duck, Goose 

This birthday party game is suitable for kids aged 3 to 6. As the kids sit in a circle, have one youngster go around tapping each other on the head while yelling, “Duck, Duck, Goose.” At the sound of “goose,” the child who has been tapped has to get up and follow the tapper around the circle. The tagged child takes over as the replacement tapper if the tapper returns to the empty spot first and sits down.

Pass the Parcel

Invest in a little reward that relates to the party theme or is just something your child and her friends will enjoy before the party, and then wrap it in multiple layers of paper. Each child should have at least one layer. Play music and when kids pass the parcel. The child carrying the package peels off the outer sheet of paper when the music ends. Restart the music and keep going until one child reveals their prize by pulling off the last piece of paper and taking home the reward.

Sack Race

birthday party games

Set up a traditional sack race where kids leap to the finish line using burlap or potato sacks. Verify that there are no obstructions in the racing course and that jumping is safe. Adjust the rules based on the children’s age group. Older children can attempt traditional jumping with both feet inside the sack, while younger children can hop with one leg inside the sack.

Give the kids some time to practise leaping or hopping in their sacks before the official race. This enables individuals to become at ease and self-assured on the ground. Give the kids a thorough explanation of the goals and regulations. Please make sure they are aware of the beginning and ending locations, as well as any boundaries or potential hazards.

The classic sack race can be made more entertaining by incorporating some entertaining twists. Have a relay race, for instance, in which teams deliver the sack to the following person on the team, or add obstacle courses for more difficulty.

Balloon relay race

When it comes to traditional party activities, balloons and running are always a smart idea. Split up your guests into four-player relay teams, with two players on each side of the play area. There are several methods to play balloon relay.

Players must use the balloon to navigate the area however they see fit—hands are not permitted! Played in two, this game can be entertaining as each pair must move across the room while squishing a balloon between their heads, backs, or bellies!  Give an inflated balloon to each player, have them race across the yard, sit on a chair, pop the balloon, and then run back and tag the person in front of them. The first team to finish this from beginning to end wins!

Bean bag toss

Set up a game of “bean bag toss” using targets and bean bags. To score points, kids try to hurl bean bags into the targets one at a time. Cornhole, another name for bean bag toss, is an enjoyable outdoor game that’s great for get-togethers, parties, and even family occasions. Make sure the cornhole boards are stable and level before spacing them out a certain amount.

A throwing line should be marked on the ground a specific distance away from the boards. Depending on the players’ age and skill level, the distance can change. Depending on how you wish to play, divide the players into two teams or have them take turns.

Bean bags are thrown against the opposing board by each team or individual player in turn. People of all ages can enjoy the fun and social game of bean bag toss. It’s simple to set up, and you may modify the rules to fit your needs. The team that hits the target with more points is going to be the winner.  Plan these exciting and fun birthday party games for kids.

Freeze dance

Kids love music and dance this is a fun and exciting birthday party game for kids and everyone can enjoy this simple but fun game.  Play music and get the kids to dance in a “freeze dance.” They have to stay still when the song ends. Whoever is currently moving out is gone. Play until there’s just one kid left. There will be laughter and music throughout this game. 


The birthday party games for kids are all about fun and memories. Remember to adjust the games to the age range and tastes of the kids coming to the party. Make sure that participants and winners receive little prizes or party favours. Safety and supervision are crucial.

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