About Us

MakerMasti – An event wing of ScienceUtsav, with more than a decade of experience in edutainment industry, promotes and creates an interactive STEAM ecosystem for children of 6 years to 14 years. MakerMasti’s Online and Offline edutainment events not only entertain children but also empower them to  make  effective use  of  project-based  learning  to  boost  their  exploration,  increase  engagement and  reinforce  critical  thinking  skills.  More  than  all, it  makes  STEAM  subjects  fun  and  interesting  for  young  minds. We  have  implemented  proven  methodologies  for  turning  regular  activities  into  an  incredible  learning  experience  that  will  take  your  kids learning  to  a whole  new  level. 

science-Makermasti themed birthday party

Meet the Team


Harsha Atri


Harsha previously served as a Software engineer with corporates giants like TCS, NSE, HSBE and City is now heading Sales wing of MakerMasti.


Shashank Karnam


Shashank previously served as a Ship designer with Conceptia, OMT, Intergraph,  Dubai dry docks, Abudhabi ship building now heads Marketing and Operations of MakerMasti.



Research and Development

Rajesh has 5 years experience in designing amazing experiments setup for the events. He completes the team with his amazing Kinesthetic skills which gives every STEM project a new look and vision. 


Adil Sheik

Operations and Execution

Adil is a passionate Teacher and Science promoter who loves to make Science a fun experience everyone including students of KG to PG and age 6 to 60 years old. He has worked as a Science promoter with Nehru Science center in the past

We strongly believe that our skilled and well-informed teachers are the most valuable resources we have at ScienceUtsav. Our educators working in STEAM events, efficiently handle various orientation, tasks, programs, events, and requirements in and out of the facility to enhance students’ learning in a STEAM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) environment. Coping with this approach to teaching has created a need for educators with a unique mindset and characteristics. This is required to manage the lofty vision of kinesthetic learning as an integrated curriculum that enhances the standards and bridge the gap between textbook learning and practical education. Our teachers and curriculum help the children to explore the outside world to find solutions to real-time problems and prepare them to be innovative and creative.

Makermasti themed birthday party