About Us

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Makermasti is created to utilise our experience at ScienceUtsav to make science edutainment available to 5 to 16 year old children. We specialise in providing unique science themed engagement programs to clients for corporate events, school contact programs, brand activation and mall events. As an experienced event and experiential media company brimming with energy and inspiration, we create spectacular events across India. Our strength lies in innovation and uniqueness due to our deep understanding of how Science can be integrated with entertainment.

Our Mission

Every time participants see something they should be able to think about the science behind it.. Though they might not know the details they should be able to think and ask questions fearlessly till they know the answers. It’s just about how to think so that we start exploring ideas. Makermasti is an initiative to make Science entertaining and not a burden

  • Ensuring MAKING is fun and exciting – Be it Science, Technology, Maths, Art, Robotics or Engineering we want children to become MAKERS and not copiers
  • Provide a STEAM based education platform to make children future ready with 21st century skills
  • Empower children to get better at logical thinking to become problems solvers and good decision makers
  • Build a strong foundation in STEAM topics to enable them create sustainable solutions to the real world challenges
  • To nurture research attitude, creativity and design thinking to help them explore ideas beyond books
  • To help children apply the knowledge and skill they acquired in while schooling to create and leverage technology of the future
  • To create an education system to STEM power children to be future Scientists, Technologists, Engineers, Artisans and Mathematicians, who will be enabled and equipped to face the challenges around them creating the safe sustained lifestyle

Our programs should be affordable to every individual/school/institution. So that everybody gets exposure to hands-on learning. Where science is a difficult subject should turn into an innovative and interesting medium to apply knowledge.

With students moving towards technical education in India while world over they are moving away from it there is great potential for India to become a hub for all technology services. Our effort is in empowering the participants more by making the choice of Science easy as they find the subject interesting and easy to learn and understand.

The impact we have on children's learning

  • Children learn by Prototyping and Project building
  • Children learn with Research based fun experiments
  • Children get to use Technology based applications
  • Children work individually to nurture Creativity also in groups to learn Collaborations

ScienceUtsav is a parallel educational program for children of age 05 to 14 years. We have created an interactive learning platform for the participants through hands-on activities, science experiments, fun projects, science games, puzzles, science expeditions, role plays and other innovative pedagogy techniques. We believe that “practicality is everything”.

ScienceUtsav(meaning Festival of Science), with Eleven years of experience, is a pioneer in promoting and creating an interactive STE(A)M ecosystem in Schools and Learning Spaces. Over the last decade, the knowledge we have gained has helped us achieve our vision of honing children’s innovative skills and turning their imagination into reality.

We accomplish this by installing Tinkering Lab & Makerspace, relevant to the STE(A)M curriculum of grades 1 to 9, which includes Infrastructure, Curriculum-based STEM Kits, Training, Learning Management System, Robotics & Coding, and Accreditation.

Our Hands-ON Science (Curriculum-based STEM) programs connect curriculum to the industry with the help of Make & Take Home Projects, Research-based Experiments, Skill-building Activities, Higher order thinking approaches through Workbooks & Worksheets Role plays, and other pedagogy techniques.

We make everyone celebrate Science like any other Festivals with our theme-based Science/STEAM Festivals with help of dramatised science shows, Experience zones, Workshops, and Games.

What we have accomplished so far

  • Pioneer of STEM Education in India
  • Featured as the top 10 educational startups of Maharashtra
  • Presence in over 30 cities with more than 50 franchise partners
  • Featured in more than 50 newspaper articles for unique concept
  • Largest chain of STEM franchise network across India
  • First STEM enabled Learning Management System in India
  • 350+ schools as clients
  • Only company with MAKER online learning program
  • 8 out of top 10 schools in Mumbai trust ScienceUtsav
  • Trained over 2,60,000 children
  • Client list includes Microsoft, Apple, Hitachi, Infosys, TCS, Paypal
  • Featured in startup india for unique team training techniques
  • More than 100 summer camp centres across India in 2019

Meet our founders

shashank karnam founder of maker masti
Shashank Karnam
Director, Research
Shashank is the visionary and the idea of making Science fun for kids was thought of by him. He is the brain behind the company’s research and development. All the wonderful workshops and events are conceptualised and created under his leadership.
harsha atri founder of maker masti
Harsha Atri
Director, Technology
Harsha is the man behind designing India’s first STEM enabled Learning Management System for the company. He heads the program implementation at ScienceUtsav. All the programs and events are executed to perfection by the team under Harsha’s leadership.
  1. STEAM education nurtures design thinking philosophy and helps in building the problem-solving attitude amongst students.
  2. STEAM helps create the right mindset to choose their favourite career by introducing students to varied career options in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Natural Science, and Astronomy.
  3. STEAM education also makes students aware of futuristic technologies like Robotics, the Internet of Things, Electronics, and Coding.
  4. STEAM helps students think like a scientist with research-based experiments and hands-on projects.
  5. STEAM creates critical thinkers with a scientific mindset.