Harry potter themed party

You can now have a killer Harry Potter-themed birthday party if you’re a die-hard Potterhead or want to organise a party for one. Whether the birthday child is 4 or 40, they will adore it. To learn more about how to have a Harry Potter birthday party, read this informative guide.

Make a list of everyone you want to invite to the party in the first place. By doing this, you may randomly assign your guests to one of the four Hogwarts houses — Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Slytherin, or Hufflepuff. This will enable you to invite them and let them know about your residence

Create an invitation with every aspect of the movie. Use the Hogward’s Stamp to seal it after drawing inspiration from Hedwig the owl and the Golden Egg.

You might have an entrance that is modelled after Platform 9 to draw your customers to the fun zone. Let them enter the magical gathering in the same manner as Harry did. This Harry Potter birthday-themed decoration will be awesome.

You must provide Butterbeer to your guests if you are hosting a party with a Harry Potter theme.

Attach wings (drawn on paper) to the chocolate truffles to form a gold snitch ball.

For your visitors, include a sweet treat by providing owl cupcakes. Keep the food in the same dark containers that were used in the movie. Use copper plates, cups, and water jars as appropriate.

Pour the sauces into glass jars, giving each one a wizard-themed name to give them a Hogwarts-style appearance. Get multi colored drinks for your party and give them unique names.

A photo booth is a must because every celebration necessitates hundreds of images being shot. The greatest choice for you would be a mugshot photo booth. Along with it, gather Harry Potter memorabilia like wands, glasses, scarves from each Hogwarts house, books, cloaks, the Sorting hat, and so on.

kid infront of phtotoboth

Without the birthday cake, a celebration would be incomplete. You can’t allow the birthday cake, which is the night’s main attraction, to be obvious as you put a lot of work into the party invitation, food, and décor. Here are some fantastic suggestions for a Harry Potter-themed birthday cake you may order for your celebration.

birthday cake on table with science setup

End your party in a magical way if you want your guests to be talking about it for days. Give out Potter-themed party favours so that your guests may leave with a little bit of enchantment.

You have the option of making your own DIY sweets or purchasing items with a Harry Potter theme. Quidditch treat bags are ideal if you want to do some DIY. With a scarf, cookies, jelly bean jar, etc., you may make gift packages that are distinctive to each House.

Cakes, banners, and balloons are certainly running through your head whether you have a birthday coming up or are getting ready to host one for a child or friend. While age-specific decorations and foods are a common choice, we want to encourage you to explore beyond the box. And we’re not only referring to using imaginative colour schemes and making desserts with three layers. We recommend becoming creative instead to make this birthday the finest ever.


The mystical Marauder’s map, which has long been a fantasy possession for many, must be known to Potter fans. By designing an adventure scavenger hunt with a map that looks just like Marauder’s map, you may infuse the party with fantasy. Make as many references to Harry Potter spells as can to make the game even better and more entertaining

Your guests’ favourite pastime will undoubtedly be this game. The guidelines for beer pong continue to apply. Create three rings on three stands as shown below, put them between the two cup sets, and have the player score by passing the ball through the rings to make the game more Harry Potter-esque

You’ll need four coloured boxes for each team (depending on their assigned Houses) and a variety of relics to keep within each box for this game. Make a hole in the box so that someone may put their hand inside to try to identify the relic. Wins go to the team with the most accurate guesses.

This can end up being your child’s favourite nighttime activity. Make a piñata in the shape of a dementor and give your child a sizable magic wand. To make him feel like a wizard while performing the duty, instruct him to cast the spell “Expecto Patronum” before striking the piñata.