Science of wizards – cast your spells

Story of this theme starts with a quest to find the Sorcerer’s stone. Host asks riddles and puzzles which lead to new experiments which are intriguing and exciting!!

Genie in the bottle, Magic wand, Secret message, Plasma ball are the few experiments experienced by the participants. Science of Wizards is an interesting theme that will take the kids on the amazing quest of treasure hunt. It’s as interesting as it sounds.


The Costume used here is a black gown and a black hat. This costume is fascinating as it sounds because children like to wear something which looks mysterious and unique. This costume has a different connection with the children as they have seen it in various cartoons such as scooby, tom, and jerry, and movies like harry potter, wizard of oz.

Who is not interested in the wizards?

Children have grown up seeing wizards in their favorite cartoons, mostly as someone who has magical powers. We also add the essence of magic over here. We have some activities which are magical cum science.

Elements used in Science of Wizard Theme

  • Secret messages
  • Fire on Fire Of
  • Plasmas Ball
  • Tea bag rocket
  • Super balloon
  • Ghost Copter
  • Magical whiteboard
  • Disappearing ink


Disappearing ink

Magical whiteboard

Participants write a message on a piece of paper with our magic pen and the magical ink makes a message disappear with their Magic spells. They always come up asking for your magical pen but we always convince them that it’s you who made the message disappear.

What does a wizard ideally do? The answer is Magic! Here we give them a spray which they use to draw anything on a whiteboard. On our count of 5, they spell a magical word and the drawing suddenly gets disappears.

Some might get disappointed by not seeing their art again, some think the board is something that holds the magic.


Tea bag rocket

Host asks a lot of puzzles during the event and provides hints to help children think and jog their brains! It creates a competition between them to answer it and solve the mystery.

We always create an activity where we can involve participants as much as possible. In this activity, the participants have to spell Wingardium leviosa to launch a rocket. This explains the concept of hot air rising up! Group activities are always fun.

Plasma ball

Ghost Copter

Fire on Fire Of

Children find plasma ball fascinating. The plasma ball has its magical flavor, anyone will be attracted to it. It is still the limelight of the show. Children love to play with a plasma ball. The host makes them believe this is the ball that gives sorting hat to help decide their house

This is a simple hands-on activity for children to learn while having fun! Kids create a paper copter using paper with the instructor’s guidance and methods and on the count of 5, everyone releases their copter. This helps them understand about the concept of air and to fly their own unique copter!

Candle is lit using a match stick but the fire goes into the air and it disappears in front of our eyes. Children become curious about the activity and try to know the secret behind it. This is where they explore the concept of combustion and what aids and halts the same. It is safe, easy and fun. As this involves use of fire kids watch this from a distance only!

It doesn’t matter if one believes in magic or not, our magical activities make them believe in Magic. But we also explain the science behind each trick so that they are encouraged to find answers even after the participants go back home! Some might get disappointed when they try to show their magical abilities to their parents after the party, but that’s ok. One day, on their birthday we will again bring the same magic to their place. ☺

Be it an all-time famous fiction like Harry potter, movies like Wizard of Oz, or a television show like Power ranger Mystic force. They all have one thing in common which is Magic. Lot of children get to watch magic shows at various places. After our party they will be always on a quest to find the science behind the magic trick everywhere!

Trick a trick is one of the most popular shows on Magic. They teach easy-to-do magic tricks which children always tend to brag about in front of their friends.

In our Magical theme, we don’t require a Magician. We turn every child into a Magician! Kids perform magic, experience magic as well as a dress as magical wizards. In reality, it’s not a Magical theme it’s a science theme that turns an experiment into magic.

No one expects a birthday party to be full of interesting activities, magical moments, and unique themes. The ideal party for everyone is Science of wizard because some might love magic, or science or some might loves both. For each one of them, Science of wizards is the perfect fit for an awesome birthday party.

What if it’s possible to show the magic for children even after the birthday party. Yes, it’s possible. Now children can take the magical powers with them in the form of magical return gifts. We also have a unique return gift which we offer in every birthday party.

What else is needed to make the birthday party awesome?