Science of wizards – cast your spells

Science of Wizards is a Harry Potter themed party for Potter Heads to enjoy their time unravelling the mysteries with science. In the beginning, the Wizards get together to resolve the hunt for the Philosopher’s Stone. The Wizard then engages the kids with fun facts, riddles and puzzles that lead them to captivating science experiments.

A few of the experiments that the kids will experience through include the genie in the bottle, magic wand, secret message, and plasma ball. 

To create an authentic experience for our little Potter Heads, our Wizards are dressed in black robe and black hats. Since the kids have seen this costume in several cartoons and movies, including Harry Potter and The Wizard of Oz, they have a strong emotional connection to it.


  • Secret messages
  • Fire on Fire Of
  • Plasmas Ball
  • Tea bag rocket
  • Super balloon
  • Ghost Copter
  • Magical whiteboard
  • Disappearing ink

A candle is lit with the help of a matchstick, but the flame spreads into the air and vanishes before our very own eyes. Children become interested in this activity and want to know its secret. Here, they learn the idea of combustion also what promotes and inhibits it. This activity is safe, simple, and entertaining. Children should only watch this from a distance as it involves the use of flame!

Plasma ball is a fascinating activity for kids. The plasma ball’s magnetic characteristic is the differentiating aspect of it. The focus of the show continues to be its magnetic power. A plasma ball is a favourite toy among kids, as it brings fascination and curiosity towards it. The host leads them to believe that this is the sorting ball where a hat is distributed to help determine their house from the Harry Potter series.

We always design a task that allows us to get as many children involved as possible. In order to launch a rocket, the participants in this activity must say the spell Wingardium leviosa aloud, it means to levitate, it will boost the tea bag to fly in air . This explains how heated air rises to the surface, due to the tea bag’s air molecules’ rapid movement, they spread up and out of the tea bag. Hence the tea bag levitates.

What is the ideal job of a wizard? The solution is Magic! Here, we provide a spray for them to use when drawing on a whiteboard. When we reach the count of five, they utter a magical word, and the drawing vanishes at once.
Some people could be unhappy if they never see their artwork again, while others may believe that the board is a magical object.

Participants write a message on a piece of paper with our magic pen and the magical ink makes a message disappear with their Magic spells. They always come up asking for your magical pen but we always convince them that it’s you who made the message disappear.

Host asks a lot of puzzles during the event and provides hints to help children think and jog their brains! It creates a competition between them to answer it and solve the mystery.

This is a simple hands-on activity for children to learn while having fun! Kids create a paper copter using paper with the instructor’s guidance and methods and on the count of 5, everyone releases their copter. This helps them understand about the concept of air and to fly their own unique copter!

Host in science of wizard theme costume

Why show scientific magic to children?

Regardless of whether a person believes in magic or not, our magical activities lead them to do so. However, we also go into the science behind each trick so that people are inspired to continue their research even after they have left. Some people might feel let down when they attempt to demonstrate their magical powers to their parents after the party, but that’s alright. On their birthday someday, we’ll once more provide the same magic to them.

Showing science activity to kids in themed birthday party

Whether it’s a work of classics like Harry Potter, a film like The Wizard of Oz, or a TV programme like Power Rangers Mystic Force. They all share the same aspect of magic, which draws children to it. Many kids love to see magic performances and have definitely experienced one in their lifetime. After our party, they’ll constantly be looking for the magic trick’s secret science everywhere!

Children who learn magic tricks develop their problem-solving skills and gain an appreciation for the value of patience, practice, courage, and perseverance. Children are curious to learn more when they come into obscurity or peculiarity that amazes them. Children can release their imagination and make something out of nothing thanks to magical belief.

Nobody anticipates that a birthday party will be jam-packed with intriguing games, fantastical moments, a pinch of science and original themes. Because some people may adore magic, science, or both, Science of Wizard is the perfect party for everyone. Science of wizards is the ideal choice for a spectacular birthday celebration for everyone.

Host showing liquid nitrogen activity in birthday party

birthday activitiy in science of wizard theme

Now that we are assured that Science of Wizards is a unique, interesting and a Science based theme to add on a colourful splash at your child’s birthday, we must not leave their friends empty-handed. 

What if it was still feasible to do magic tricks for kids after the birthday celebration? It is conceivable, yes. Children can now carry their magical abilities with them Thanks to magical return gifts. In addition, we always provide a special return present at birthday celebrations for them to take back home.