Unique birthday fun ideas

unique birthday fun ideas

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Unique birthday fun ideas frequently offer entertainment that enthrals and interests everyone in the room. They keep guests amused during the event and shake up the monotony of customary birthday parties. Unique birthday fun ideas and activities might encourage guests to interact with one another and form bonds. 

5 unique birthday fun ideas

Clay modelling activities for kids

unique birthday fun ideas
  • A terrific and unique birthday fun ideas and activities for a child’s birthday celebration is clay modelling.  You can create diverse workstations with different coloured clay, carving tools, and moulds. Children can rotate around the stations to try out various methods and creations.
  • For the clay modelling session, pick a specific topic, such as animals, superheroes, the sea, or imaginary creatures. Encourage children to make their own clay sculptures based on the theme by providing examples.
  • Have a teacher or a birthday organiser walk you through the process of making a straightforward sculpture. The kids can follow along while learning fundamental modelling methods for clay and making their own replicas of the sculpture.
  • To make their best clay sculptures in the allotted time, divide the children into teams or let them work alone. Have a voting process where everyone may choose their favourite works based on their originality and technical prowess.
  • Encourage the children to use clay to represent a character or scenario from a tale. Each youngster can add to a communal story by narrating it while animating their clay sculptures.
  • Give the kids little cardboard boxes or boxes so they can use clay to make miniature scenarios. They can create their own diorama by sculpting little people, things, and environments.
  • Set up a painting and decorating station once the clay sculptures are finished and have dried. Children can decorate their sculptures with paint, glitter, sequins, and other materials.
  • Give out equipment and clay so that people can make clay beads, pendants, and charms. Children can mould and embellish the clay before putting their own jewellery pieces together.
  • To ensure that the kids have a safe and happy time clay modelling, make sure you have enough supervision, age-appropriate clay, and the required safety precautions in place.

Painting activity for kids 

Birthday celebrations for children may be delightful and imaginative when they involve painting. You can plan unique birthday fun ideas and activities like painting where there are so many choices to involve kids in painting.


  • Canvas Painting Party: Give each child a white canvas as well as a selection of paints, brushes, and other creative supplies. Allow them to paint whatever they like or stick to a certain subject to express their creativity.

  • Set up station: Set up a station with plain white T-shirts or tote bags and fabric paints for painting on them. Kids may create one-of-a-kind shirts or bags to take home by designing and painting their own wearable art.
  • Sponge painting: Sponge painting involves cutting sponges into different forms, such as stars, hearts, and animals, and providing a variety of vibrant paints. Kids can use the sponges to create textured and playful designs by dipping them in paint and pressing them onto paper.
  • Potato stamping: Cut potatoes into various shapes, cover them with paint, and press them onto paper to create patterns and designs. It’s a unique and entertaining approach to teach kids the fundamentals of printmaking.
  • Leaf and flower painting: Take the youngsters outside to collect leaves, twigs, or flowers for a painting that is inspired by nature. Give them paints, and let them utilise the natural objects as a canvas or a source of inspiration for their paintings.
  • Finger Painting: Young children love to do finger painting. Kids may make artwork with their hands and fingers if you provide them with a variety of non-toxic, washable finger paints.
  • Watercolour painting: Set up a watercolour painting station with watercolour paper and a pallet of bright watercolour paints. Children can play with colour blending to make lovely watercolour paintings.
  • Rock painting: Collect flat, slick rocks for painting, and supply acrylic paints and brushes. On the rocks, children can paint vibrant patterns, animals, or motivational sayings to create lovely souvenirs.

Don’t forget to provide the youngsters with aprons or old shirts to protect their clothing, and remind them to have fun and express their creativity. Consider displaying their creations for everyone to see and sending them home with them as party favours.

Balloon games for kids

Kids love balloon games, which can bring a colourful and enjoyable touch to a birthday celebration. Balloon games make a unique birthday fun idea for kids and they will enjoy the most.

unique birthday fun ideas


  • Divide the children into teams and set up a relay race where each team member must run to a specific location, sit on a balloon to pop it, and then run back to tag the following team member. The first-place finisher wins.
  • Attach a balloon with a string to each child’s ankle. Stomping on other players’ balloons while defending one’s own is the goal. whoever has a balloon still intact at the end wins.
  • Place a balloon between each child’s knees for the balloon waddle race. To get to the finish line while hopping or waddling poses a challenge. If a kid drops the balloon, they have to retrace their steps.
  • Have the kids hit the balloon back and forth across a “net” (a piece of thread or a table) using paper plates as makeshift tennis rackets. Check how many hits they can get in before the balloon lands.
  • As music is playing, have the children sit in a circle and pass balloons around. The child holding the balloon must pop it and do a ridiculous dance or motion when the music stops.
  • Before inflating the balloons, place slips of paper with various acts or characters inside. While the other children speculate, each child chooses a balloon, pops it, and acts out what is written on the paper.
  • Inflate balloons and fasten them to a board or other strong surface for the balloon dart game. Allow the children to take turns firing darts at the balloons and attempting to pop them by providing darts with blunted tips.
  • Give each youngster a certain amount of time (for example, five minutes) and some balloons to make a special balloon sculpture as part of a competition. Have a judging session to determine which sculpture is the most inventive when the allotted time has passed.
  • Play some music and allow the children to dance while attempting to maintain control of a balloon in the air. To avoid the balloon striking the ground while showing their greatest dance abilities is the objective.
  • To protect the children’s safety, keep an eye on the games, especially the ones that involve popping balloons. The celebration will be lively and exciting thanks to these games!

Musical games for kids

Kids can be delighted and involved during a birthday party with musical games and it makes one of the most unique birthday fun ideas for kids.


  • Play “Musical Chairs” by placing one fewer chair in a circle than there are kids. They need to locate a chair to sit on when the music stops. One chair is taken away for the subsequent round and the last youngster standing is eliminated. 
  • Play music and allow the children to jive. They have to remain motionless until the music resumes after it ends. By directing them to strike a particular stance, you might make it more difficult for them.
  • Use several layers of gift wrap to encase a small surprise. While passing the package around, have the children sit in a circle and perform music. The young person holding the package removes one layer once the music stops. Continue until the last layer is removed, at which point the youngster holding the prize is declared the winner.
  • Play music and get the kids to dance around musical statues. They are required to freeze in a statue-like position when the music stops. Then, a grownup or another kid can go around and examine the “statues.” The child who freezes the longest or strikes the most original pose wins.
  • Kids can play the game “Hot Potato” by sitting in a circle and passing a piece of equipment around while music is playing. The child who is holding the object is “out” for that round when the music stops. 
  • Play some music, and get the kids to move. They must get to their feet as soon as the music finishes. The child who was the last to take a seat is “out” for that round. For each successive round, remove a chair.
  • Play music while the kids move or dance about as part of the musical alphabet. Call out an alphabet letter when the music stops. Before the music resumes, the youngsters must locate an item in the room that begins with that letter.
  • Divide the children into teams and hold a dance-off as the challenge. As the music plays, each team alternates dancing while exhibiting their greatest dance techniques. The winning team might be chosen by judges or the other children based on their ingenuity and passion.

Puppet show for kids

unique birthday fun ideas

The birthday child and their visitors can both enjoy and remember the experience of planning a puppet show activity for a birthday party. Pick a theme like superheroes, animals, fairies, or pirates if they are the birthday child’s interests or favourite characters. Find or make puppets that are appropriate for the selected theme.

Puppets can be bought, made from basic materials, or used with sock puppets. Create a humorous and captivating tale that adheres to the selected subject. Make sure the story is engaging for the audience, interactive, and appropriate for their age. You can also hire someone who can put up a great puppet show for kids. The puppet show will be unique birthday fun ideas while both kids and adults enjoy the show.


Unique birthday fun ideas for kids will allow the guests to enjoy the event and have fun. Birthday activities make the whole event fun and exciting. Kids will always recall the memorable event and have a great time. 

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